Welcome to Mahindarama.com. Being a premier and informative website, we work with an objective to showcase various temples of India. We feel privileged to draft our experiences to people who are looking for accurate and sufficient knowledge. India is proudly referred to as Land of Temples just like Egypt being referred to as Land of Pyramids. The entire subcontinent is dotted with thousands of gorgeous temples.

Each temple aims to focus live art gallery, marvelous accomplishments in the fields of art and architecture for two thousand years. It is a truly a great wonder that could not be witnessed in any country in the world. Due to regional variations, there could be lifestyle changes across the subcontinent. The gorgeous variations reflect the true culture and heritage of the country just as the temple styles differing in various places. Visiting the temples in India would definitely be an interesting experience for people visiting India for the first time as well as for people residing in India.

In the internet world, Mahindarama.com presents enormous information about the temples of India to the world. Our blogs explain the stunning diversity of various temple styles and portray the grandeur in an actual manner. We provide a description of temples by region with proper illustrations. We ensure to throw complete information on origin, history, legends and beliefs, festivals, worship protocols and tourist associated information. Mahindarama.com is the best presentation about various Indian temples after extensive research.